Overview of the Programs

The programs within ADSA have evolved and expanded over the last decade. The organization continues to work on strategic plans to ensure programs are viable for Deaf or Hard of Hearing athletes/participants to be involved in the Deaf sports on all levels following the Long Term Athlete Development model.


These events are hosted primarily for competitive, qualification for the National Sport events. Alberta Deaf Curling Association, Alberta Deaf Golf Club, Alberta Deaf Darts Association and Alberta Deaf Pickleball Club host their own qualifying events. ADSA also hosts training camps to identify athletes and form teams.

On the grassroots level, recreational sport events are hosted. Events include High Five Volleyball, Badminton, and Pickleball. Other sports are consistently added to the activities at this level. Participants are responsible for their own expenses; however, ADSA works to ensure that events are affordable.


These events are hosted by a Provincial Deaf Sports Association and sanctioned by the Canadian Deaf Sports Association. In 2009, Canada Deaf Games was approved for the 2012 start and includes 7 sports: Basketball (Men), Beach Volleyball (Men), Bowling, Curling, Ice Hockey (Men), Soccer (Men), and Volleyball. This event is mandatory for qualifying into National Teams to compete at World Championships, PanAm Games for the Deaf, and Summer/Winter Deaflympics. The other purposes are to bring Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes from across Canada together to develop sports network, friendships, and showcase their talents at all levels. Age minimum will be applied in some sports e.g. Hockey - the minimum age would be 16 years.

Other individual sport events still exist: Canadian Deaf Golf Championships (CDGC) and Canadian Deaf Dart Championships (CDDC). The CDGC is hosted bi-annually in odd years and is a qualifying event for the men and women golfers to attend World Deaf Golf Championships that is held every two years. CDDC is the non-qualifying event. The Alberta athletes are partially supported for the transportation and accommodation expenses.


World Deaf Championships and the Deaflympics are hosted by National Deaf Sport Federations and sanctioned by the ICSD (International Committee of Sports for the Deaf). The regional championship is hosted by member nations of the Pan American region (North America, South America, and Central America). The athletes, if qualified, are partially supported for the transportation and accommodation expenses.

If you would like additional information on the international events, contact CDSA at info@assc-cdsa.com or website: www.assc-cdsa.com

Financial Support Programs

ADSA receives financial support from the Alberta government in two areas. One is from the Alberta Sport Connection and the other is Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

ADSA receives an annual grant from the ASC to support the operations of the organization. This grant primarily covers the staff salary.

To support the athletic programs and organizational expenses, ADSA participates in the bi-annual fundraising by volunteering at the Alberta government sanctioned casinos in Edmonton and Calgary. These proceeds cover the accommodation and transportation of athletes and support staff on national and international levels.

Alberta Sport Connection (ASC) Programs

The ASC has several grant programs to support Albertans including the Deaf/Hard of Hearing in their development in sports.

Hosting Grant (click here for website information)

Alberta Podium- Training for athletes (click here for website information)

Developmental Initiatives (information will be linked soon)

This portion of the program for Athlete Development and Participation is in review. More information will be released over the time.

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